February 13, 2024

Will Nightingale be on Xbox Game Pass? Find out here!

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Inflexion Games' highly anticipated survival experience, Nightingale, is set to release in early access soon. Many fans are eager to know if the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, Nightingale will not be included in the Xbox Game Pass library. Players will have to purchase the game at its full price to enjoy it.

Will Nightingale be on Xbox Game Pass? Find out here!

The Cost of Nightingale

At launch, Nightingale will be available for $29.99 on Steam and Epic Games Store. This price may seem steep for a video game, especially when compared to the affordable subscription rates of Xbox Game Pass. Game subscription services are gaining popularity as players realize the benefits of subscribing over owning games.

Not All Games Make It to Game Pass

While some games, like Palworld and Persona 3 Reload, have made it to the Xbox Game Pass library on day one, not all developers are able to strike a deal with Microsoft for inclusion. Inflexion Games, the developer of Nightingale, has not announced any plans for a console release or inclusion in Xbox Game Pass.

The Future of Nightingale on Xbox Game Pass

It is uncertain if Nightingale will be added to Xbox Game Pass in the future. Currently, the game will only be available on the PC platform. However, if Nightingale proves to be successful and generates enough revenue, Inflexion Games may reconsider a console release and inclusion in Xbox Game Pass. Until then, players who are eager to try the game through Game Pass will have to wait.


In conclusion, Nightingale will not be available on Xbox Game Pass at its launch. Players will need to purchase the game separately. While there is no guarantee of Nightingale's future availability on Xbox Game Pass, there is a possibility if the game performs well. For now, it remains exclusive to PC and in early access.

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