Best Esports Betting Bonuses

This eSports betting bonus guide takes an in-depth look at all the best promotions on the electronic sports betting scene, how they work, and, importantly, how bettors can claim and use them.

There's no doubt eSports betting is taking over. While the industry was growing slowly before the pandemic, the halting of live matches at the peak of Covid-19 gave eSports betting new life. Today, the eSports betting industry is blossoming, and every bookmaker wants a piece of the cake - the ever-growing demand for eSports betting services. The best eSports betting sites offer lucrative promotions, otherwise known as betting bonuses.

Cashback Bonus

If you can't discover cashback offers at your preferred eSport betting site, there are other strategies you may use to find the finest cashback bonus available. One approach is to simply search Google for cashback bonuses. This is one of the most reliable methods for locating the bonus that best meets your requirements. Simply search for the phrases cashback bonus, followed by your choice of a reputable eSport betting site, such as Betway, Betsson, or 1xBet, and your preferred eSport, if any.

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Bonus Codes

Betting on esports is a relatively new phenomenon, but many people have won large sums of money by wagering on games ranging from Dota 2 and League of Legends to CS:GO and Valorant. An eSports betting site promotion code, also known as a promo code, is a code made up of letters or digits that players can type into a promotional box on a betting site to receive some sort of special incentive. A bookmaker promo code is generally used by bookmakers as an acquisition strategy to help attract new customers and can assist you in getting started with eSports betting.

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Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are an enthralling promotion for both regular and casual punters. A growing number of online casinos have ramped up on online betting offers to attract new and returning customers. There are many deposit bonuses, but free bets no deposit bonus have proven to be a popular choice among the betting audience. 

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Welcome Bonus

Esports betting welcome bonuses are among the best promotions a player could claim after registering to an online esports betting website. This article delves into these bonuses to determine what they are, how they work, how to claim them, and more. As the name suggests, welcome bonuses are promotions that eSports bookies avail to new players. There are two main types of welcome bonuses; no deposit and deposit bonuses.

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No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses offer players a fantastic opportunity to play at an eSports betting site without breaking the bank. A no deposit bonus means that players usually receive free spins on a slot or a cash reward. There is also a no deposit bonus that allows players to use a set amount of free cash within a limited amount of time. Such bonuses are created on the premise that a player signs up for a website.

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Free Bets

A free bet is a bet in which the stake does not require to be paid. By placing a free bet, you gain the opportunity to win without putting any money in the prize pool. This is one of the best ways for beginners to start betting. It guarantees that they can never lose their initial stake and be more comfortable with gambling online. Free bets also allow them to keep track of their betting progress by seeing whether they have won or lost on each day of betting.

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Loyalty Bonus

Today’s eSports betting sites have different ways of rewarding devoted players. If you play regularly, the sportsbook will invite you to various loyalty programs at some point. After joining the club, you’ll start earning points when you engage in certain activities, such as depositing funds into your account. 

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No Wagering Bonus

People love gambling online for many reasons but the main one is that players can get gambling promotions such as free bets, welcome bonuses, and rebates. Bookmakers award these bonuses to attract the punter’s custom and encourage loyalty. Also, they are the best way to try out a new gambling site, freeroll several bets, and test new software.

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Referral Bonus

What you need to know about an esports betting bonus

What you need to know about an esports betting bonus

For starters, esports betting bonuses are promotions that target gamblers who are into esports wagering. Now, do esports betting bonuses work? And if yes, why would a bookie dish out money just like that?

While some naysayers claim video game betting bonuses are not legit, the truth is, bonuses do work. Yes, betting operators dish out money to players in the form of promotions.

What makes most gamblers doubt bet rewards is that it's almost impossible to beat the strict wagering limits that bonuses tag along with.

As a word of caution, though, players need to be wary of some shoddy dealers with fake bonuses. But any licensed and regulated esports betting site offers legit bonuses. So, why do bookies offer players betting promotions?

To understand the reason, it's first important to acknowledge that there is stiff competition in the online gambling sector. There are thousands of bookmakers offering esports betting markets.

Like any other business, esports betting website operators have to incentivize new players and, importantly, keep the existing ones. The marketing departments set aside a budget for customer acquisition and retention. This money is then spent on offering players bonuses.

What you need to know about an esports betting bonus
How do online esports betting offers work?

How do online esports betting offers work?

There is a wide range of esports betting bonuses. They can be classified into two main categories; no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Esports no deposit bonuses

The best rewards offered by esports bookies is the no deposit bonus, also known as free bets. As the name suggests, players don't have to deposit any money to claim these offers.

There is a no deposit bonus offered to new players as the welcome bonus. What players need to do to claim this gift is register on the betting site and complete their player profiles. Besides the no deposit welcome bonus, players can enjoy these deposits later on in their betting journey. This is if that particular e-sport bookmaker has no deposit bonuses.

Esports deposit bonuses

Many sites don't have no deposit bonuses, but any worthy esports bookie won't miss a deposit bonus. It is issued when a new player loads their account.

The welcome deposit bonus is the most popular and is custom-tailored for the new players. Bettors can claim this bonus on their first or subsequent deposits, depending on the bookmaker. In addition to the welcome deposit bonus, there is no deposit reload bonuses that reward players throughout their betting journey as they continue funding their accounts.

How to claim betting bonuses

Esports betting bonuses can be activated automatically once a player meets the eligibility of the offer. Other sites require players to claim the rewards using coupon codes.

How do online esports betting offers work?
How to use esports betting bonuses

How to use esports betting bonuses

In this segment, get from the experts; details on how to find esports betting bonuses, how to use them, some strategies, and importantly, a discussion on wagering requirements.

Where to find esports betting bonuses

For the record, not all esports betting sites have bonuses. Remember, there is a set of players that don't want all the complexities that tag along with rewards.

But what of players who wish to increase their bankrolls with deposit bonuses or try out esports betting without using their money? Well, this section shares several tips that players need to get the best esports betting promotions.

The first thing to do is to check out the recommendations from the top online video game bookmakers. On such sites, the editors do all the heavy lifting. They compile lists of the best esports betting bonuses and update them regularly. Instead of wasting lots of time going through hundreds of betting sites, rely on readily available materials.

The other way players can get the best esport bookmaker bonuses online is by subscribing to reward alerts and offers on the site or sites they are registered on. They can also get the latest promotions by visiting the betting site's promotions page. Here, all the ongoing and upcoming bonuses are published.

How to use esports betting bonuses
Esports betting bonus strategies

Esports betting bonus strategies

After finding a bonus and claiming it, bettors should think of a strategy to beat the house. Two reasons explain why bettors need a strategy.

First, there is the prerequisite knowledge on bonuses that most players don't understand. With most betting promotions, players don't receive their stake back when they win a bet wagered with bonus money.

Another thing, there are wagering requirements. For starters, this is the number of times bettors have to play through before they can withdraw winnings realized from bonus money.

These two reasons make it hard for bettors to turn bonus money into real money when betting on esports using bonus money. But with the right strategy, players can increase their chances of beating wagering requirements. Below are some of the strategies players can use to stand a better chance over the house.

High odds go a long way

Considering that most promotions don't pay the stake, it's better to go big with betting bonuses. Yes. Staking for the underdog is risky, but it has good returns. Many times the biggest teams in Europe have lost to underdogs. Players can shoot their shot with a bonus by opting for those high, 'somewhat unrealistic' odds.

Arbitrage betting

Another strategy that gives players an edge over the strict bonus terms is arbitrage betting, popularized as 'arb' betting. In arbitrage betting, players wager on all possible outcomes. But then, arbitrage is not for everyone. More so, esport bookies shun the practice.

Split bonus into smaller stakes

Splitting the reward money into smaller stakes can also help players bank bonus money. This is in the sense that players can wager on individual games and beat the wagering requirements more quickly than wagering the bonus on a long bet slip.

Esports betting bonus strategies
Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

Indeed, esports betting bonuses are irresistible and more than often lead to problem gambling. For starters, problem gambling, otherwise known as compulsive gambling, is basically gambling addiction. Just like the esports games themselves, there are high chances of players getting hooked to betting. That said, it's paramount that players take precautions.

To avoid problem gambling, bettors must first set a strict budget for wagering and never exceed the set limit, no matter what. They should also avoid chasing losses at all costs. Importantly, gamblers should not substitute school or work with esports betting. In the event a player suspects that they are addicted, self-exclusion and seeking help is vital.

Responsible gambling

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