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Unlock Well Blocks and Upgrade Your Base in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded offers more than just combat and survival. You can also improve your base and make it as cozy as possible by upgrading the blocks, including upgrading from Rough Wood to Well Blocks.

Unlock Well Blocks and Upgrade Your Base in Enshrouded

Unlocking Well Blocks

To improve the main building of your base, you need to unlock more fabric blocks. Well Blocks is one of the materials that you can unlock. In order to unlock Well Blocks, you need to complete a quest given by the Carpenter. The quest is appropriately named 'Well Blocks' and requires you to retrieve the blocks from the depths of a well.

Completing the Quest

To complete the quest, head to the Elixir Well closest to Shell Burrow. The map's cursor will guide you to the location of the Well Blocks. Glide down and head North to reach the island where the blocks are located. You don't have to defeat the Fell Monstrosity to find the Well Blocks. Once you reach the island, go to the cave on the left and you will find the blocks in a chest.

Crafting Well Blocks

After completing the quest, you will unlock the recipe for Well Blocks. To craft one Well Block, you will need 10 Sandstone and five Shroud Liquid. These ingredients are relatively easy to gather, so make sure to stock up on them. Well Blocks are one of the last types of blocks that you can unlock, along with Bone Blocks and Weathered Stone Blocks.


Unlocking the Well Blocks recipe in Enshrouded allows you to improve your base and make it more cozy. By completing the quest and gathering the necessary ingredients, you can craft Well Blocks and upgrade your base to create a comfortable living space. So, embark on the quest, gather the materials, and enhance your Enshrouded experience!

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