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Unlock the Power of Special Fusions in Persona 3 Reload

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Persona 3 Reload introduces Special Fusions, a feature that allows players to fuse two Personas together to create stronger ones. Some Special Fusions even grant the opportunity to create unique and powerful Personas. In total, there are 20 Special Fusions available in Persona 3 Reload.

Unlock the Power of Special Fusions in Persona 3 Reload

Benefits of Special Fusions

Each Special Persona in Persona 3 Reload belongs to a different Arcana and possesses its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Having one or more Special Personas in your active party can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These Personas bring unique skills and abilities that can be invaluable in battles.

Unlocking Special Fusions

Unlike regular Personas, Special Personas have a fixed fusion formula. To fuse a Special Persona, you must first unlock the prerequisite Personas. Each Special Fusion has specific unlock requirements, which may include reaching certain points in your Social Links. It is important to ensure that you have met all the necessary conditions before attempting a Special Fusion.

List of Special Fusions

Here is a list of all the Special Fusions in Persona 3 Reload, along with their required fusion level, Arcana, Social Link, and fusion materials:

  • Fortuna (Fortune) - Level 15
  • Pale Rider (Death) - Level 23
  • Flauros (Hierophant) - Level 33
  • Black Frost (Fool) - Level 37
  • Parvati (Priestess) - Level 48
  • Mada (Hanged Man) - Level 57
  • Norn (Fortune) - Level 65
  • Alice (Death) - Level 68
  • Kohryu (Hierophant) - Level 71
  • Mara (Tower) - Level 75
  • Susano-o (Fool) - Level 77
  • Thanatos (Death) - Level 78
  • Masakado (Tower) - Level 79
  • Beelzebub (Devil) - Level 81
  • Shiva (Tower) - Level 82
  • Asura (Sun) - Level 85
  • Metatron (Aeon) - Level 87
  • Lucifer (Judgement) - Level 89
  • Messiah (Judgement) - Level 91
  • Orpheus Telos (Fool) - Level 91


Special Fusions in Persona 3 Reload offer players the opportunity to create powerful and unique Personas. By unlocking and fusing these Special Personas, players can enhance their party's abilities and gain an advantage in battles. Make sure to meet the unlock requirements and experiment with different Special Fusions to discover the full potential of your party.

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