February 14, 2024

Understanding Algebraic Spirals vs Pseudo-Spirals: Spotting the Imposter

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If you found history class challenging in Persona 3 Reload, get ready for your first math lesson with Ms. Miyahara on 4/27. Differentiating between an algebraic spiral and a pseudo-spiral just by looking at them can be quite tricky. Let's dive into the key points.

Understanding Algebraic Spirals vs Pseudo-Spirals: Spotting the Imposter

Algebraic Spirals vs Pseudo-Spirals

  • Spiral A is not an algebraic spiral, while the other three spirals are.
  • Algebraic spirals can be graphed using algebraic equations, whereas pseudo-spirals have equations in the form of r = as^m, where r is the radius of curvature and s is the arc length.

Understanding the Difference

Despite finding an explanation of the difference between algebraic spirals and pseudo-spirals, it didn't provide much clarity. The equations of algebraic spirals are algebraic with respect to ρ and ϕ, while pseudo-spirals have a different equation form.

Identifying the Imposter

Even with the explanation, it can still be challenging to identify the imposter among the four spirals. B, which resembles an Archimedean spiral, is an algebraic spiral, but the others are unclear.


While Ms. Miyahara's spirals may be confusing, the good news is that they won't be included in the midterm exams. So, you can simply select A, earn the respect of your classmates, and move on. Just remember, a cinnamon swirl will never look the same again.

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