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Obtain the Powerful Missile Barrage Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

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Missile Barrage is a new Belt Rune for Mages introduced in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery phase two. This powerful arcane blast is only available once you take on the Dark Riders scattered throughout Azeroth.

Obtain the Powerful Missile Barrage Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

How to Obtain the Missile Barrage Rune

To obtain the Missile Barrage Rune in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, you need to speak with the Dalaran Agent in Deadwing Pass. This NPC will give you Ariden’s Sigil, an item that allows you to detect nearby Dark Riders. You must gather all seven Dalaran Relics, which drop from the Dark Riders, before returning to the Dalaran Agent. Once you have collected all the relics, you will be rewarded with the Missile Barrage Rune.

Tips for Obtaining the Rune

It is recommended to form a group to complete the task of gathering the Dalaran Relics. This will make the process easier and faster. In phase two of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, finding a group should not be difficult due to the high demand for Dalaran Relics.

Understanding the Missile Barrage Rune

The Missile Barrage Rune enhances your Arcane Blast spell by giving it a 40 percent chance to reduce the channeled duration of your next Arcane Missile spell by 50 percent. Additionally, your Fireball and Frostbolt spells have a 20 percent chance to trigger this effect. The Rune also reduces the mana cost of your Arcane Missiles spell by 100 percent and allows it to fire every 0.5 seconds. Despite the reduced channel time, the spell still deals more damage, making it an invaluable tool for Arcane Mages.


The Missile Barrage Rune is a powerful addition to a Mage's arsenal in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. By following the steps to obtain the Rune and understanding its effects, Mages can greatly enhance their damage-dealing capabilities. Gather your group, collect the Dalaran Relics, and unleash the power of the Missile Barrage Rune!

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