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Obtain the Ancestral Sword for your Priest Rune in World of Warcraft Classic

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The Ancestral Sword is a two-handed sword in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery phase two. It may not be an impressive weapon on its own, but it plays a crucial role as a core item for a Priest Rune.

Obtain the Ancestral Sword for your Priest Rune in World of Warcraft Classic

Obtaining the Ancestral Sword

To obtain the Ancestral Sword, you need to complete the Pain Suppression Rune quest. This quest is part of the Scarlet Monastery dungeons in Tirisfal Glades, located in the northern portion of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Scarlet Monastery is a hub of dungeons with different wings, ranging from the Graveyard to Libraries. These dungeons are designed for end-game players, with levels ranging from 25 to 45.

Where to find the Ancestral Sword

The Ancestral Sword can be found in the Scarlet Monastery dungeons. It is known to drop from various Scarlet Crusade enemies both inside and outside of the dungeons. Some of the mobs that can drop the sword include:

  • Scarlet Diviner
  • Scarlet Gallant
  • Scarlet Scryer
  • Scarlet Adept
  • Scarlet Chaplain
  • Scarlet Monk
  • Scarlet Beastmaster
  • Scarlet Sentry
  • Scarlet Soldier

Please note that bosses in the Scarlet Monastery do not drop the Ancestral Sword. While many different trash mobs have a chance to drop the sword, the drop percentage is relatively low. Therefore, it may require multiple runs to obtain this item.

Benefits of running the Scarlet Monastery dungeons

Running the Scarlet Monastery dungeons is highly recommended not only for obtaining the Ancestral Sword but also for other valuable rewards. In addition to the Priest Rune Pain Suppression, you can also find various Skill Books that can enhance your character's abilities. Make sure to regularly run these dungeons to increase your chances of acquiring these powerful items.

Remember, the Ancestral Sword is an essential item for a Priest Rune, so don't miss out on the opportunity to obtain it!

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