February 14, 2024

MW3 Underbarrel Lethal Attachment Kills Challenge: Tips and Issues

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A new challenge in Modern Warfare 3’s season two requires players to get creative in the Gunsmith. The challenge, which is part of week two of season two, asks for 20 operator kills with an “underbarrel lethal attachment.” However, there seems to be an issue with the challenge not tracking properly at the moment.

MW3 Underbarrel Lethal Attachment Kills Challenge: Tips and Issues

What is an Underbarrel Lethal Attachment in MW3?

In MW3, an underbarrel lethal attachment refers to any weapon attachment in the Gunsmith that is equipped in the Underbarrel slot and is capable of getting kills. This includes attachments such as underbarrel shotguns, underbarrel flamethrowers, and even the JAK Limb Ripper underbarrel chainsaw. It's important to note that other underbarrel attachments like grips will not count towards the challenge.

MW3 Underbarrel Lethal Attachment Kills Challenge Not Tracking

Currently, there is an issue with the tracking of the weekly challenge in MW3 multiplayer. Many players have reported on social media that the challenge to unlock the JAK Limb Ripper is not counting kills used with an underbarrel lethal attachment. Sledgehammer Games has not yet acknowledged the issue, but it seems to be affecting multiple players.

How to Get Underbarrel Lethal Attachment Kills in MW3

Once the issue is fixed, there are several attachments that should count towards underbarrel lethal attachment kills in MW3. These include the Corvus Masterkey, KL40-M2, Burrow 500 Drill Charge, and the JAK Purifier flamethrower. These attachments can be found on most assault rifles. It's important to note that these kills must be done with a Recommended Weapon in the Gunsmith and in multiplayer against other players (operators), not bots.

If the challenge does require getting kills with the attachment itself, it is recommended to use the Corvus Masterkey or JAK Purifier flamethrower underbarrel in Hardcore modes for easier kills.


While the challenge to get underbarrel lethal attachment kills in MW3 may currently have tracking issues, once the problem is resolved, players can use various attachments to complete the challenge. Stay tuned for more information once the developers acknowledge the problem.

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