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Master the Tremors of the Earth Quest in WoW Classic and WoW Season of Discovery

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Tremors of the Earth is considered one of the most difficult quests in World of Warcraft Classic. While it offers exceptional rewards, such as the Blazewind Breastplate with +23 Agility, completing this quest is no easy feat.

Master the Tremors of the Earth Quest in WoW Classic and WoW Season of Discovery

Difficulty Level

If you attempt Tremors of the Earth during phase two of the Season of Discovery, you'll find that it's designed for players pushing level 50. However, the level cap in phase two is 40, making it challenging to complete without a skilled group of five players.

Part One: Finding Boss Tho'grun

To start the Tremors of the Earth quest, you need to collect the Sign of the Earth. Defeating Boss Tho'grun, an NPC who roams the Badlands, is the key to obtaining this item. While finding Boss Tho'grun can be difficult due to his unpredictable location, having the quest in your log increases your chances of encountering him. Once you defeat Boss Tho'grun, loot the Sign of the Earth and return to Garek to complete the first part of the quest.

Part Two: Hematus and Blacklash

After turning in the Sign of the Earth, you'll receive the next objective: finding and defeating two black dragons, Hematus and Blacklash. Before engaging them, you must activate three pillars located in the Badlands. These pillars unlock access to the dragons. It's important to note that Hematus and Blacklash are level 50 enemies, so assembling a group is essential. A well-rounded team with heavy-hitting DPS players, a tank, and a healer is recommended. Once you defeat the dragons, loot their corpses for the Chains of Hematus and Blacklash's Bindings, which you'll need to bring back to Garek.


Completing Tremors of the Earth is a challenging task that requires careful planning and coordination. However, the rewards, especially the coveted Blazewind Breastplate, make it worthwhile. If you're up for the challenge, gather a skilled group and embark on this epic quest in WoW Classic and WoW Season of Discovery.

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