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How to Obtain Insulating Gniodine for Crafting Epic Gear in WoW Classic

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Insulating Gniodine is a valuable crafting material in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. It is used to create Epic-quality gear in Leatherworking and Tailoring. This guide will provide you with two methods to obtain Insulating Gniodine.

How to Obtain Insulating Gniodine for Crafting Epic Gear in WoW Classic

Method 1: Purchase from the Auction House

One way to acquire Insulating Gniodine is by purchasing it from the auction house. However, it is important to note that this method can be quite expensive, with prices ranging around 40 gold on the Crusader Strike realm (EU). Additionally, you will also need to gather other rare materials such as Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament and Faintly Glowing Leather, which can further increase the cost.

Method 2: Craft it Yourself

Another option is to obtain the recipe and craft Insulating Gniodine yourself. The recipe can be purchased from Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket, who can be found in The Clean Zone in Gnomeregan. To reach her, enter Gnomeregan and move to the left side from the entrance. Enter the second passage and follow the stairs leading downstairs. In a large room filled with Gnomes, you will find Ziri. Speak to her and she will sell you the recipe for 15 gold. Once you have the recipe, you can craft Insulating Gniodine using one Leaded Vial and five Crates of Tainted Gniodine Solution.


Insulating Gniodine is a crucial material for crafting powerful gear in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Whether you choose to purchase it from the auction house or craft it yourself, obtaining Insulating Gniodine will bring you closer to acquiring the best-in-slot items. Consider your options and make the choice that best suits your needs and resources.

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