November 17, 2023

Expanding into Fighting Games: DSG's Promising Future in Esports

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DSG, or Disguised Esports, has announced an expansion into the world of fighting game esports. The DSG fighting game representation will be launching in 2024, along with the team expanding into other games.

Expanding into Fighting Games: DSG's Promising Future in Esports

New Opportunities in Fighting Games

In a recent video, Disguised Esports owner Jeremy Wang explained the future plans for the org. They will be competing in titles like Apex Legends and Teamfight Tactics, and have also announced a DSG fighting game expansion.

This expansion positions DSG to get involved in the new fighting games that are being released. While they may have missed out on this year's Capcom Cup, there are new titles like Tekken 8 coming in the near future, providing a great opportunity for DSG to enter the fighting game scene.

Diversifying the Organization

Disguised Esports has primarily been known for competing in games like LoL and Valorant. However, their plans for 2024 indicate an increased scope for the organization. They have announced a new look for the team, including new merchandise, and are expanding into the fighting game genre.

A Promising Future in Fighting Games

The organization is preparing for a bigger year in 2024, as they enter the growing space of fighting games. With new events launching frequently and prize pools on the rise, the fighting game scene is experiencing significant growth. The DSG fighting game expansion, along with other teams getting involved, demonstrates the increasing attractiveness of fighters in the world of esports.

DSG's expansion into fighting games opens up new opportunities for the organization and showcases their commitment to diversifying their presence in the esports industry. As the fighting game scene continues to grow, DSG is well-positioned to make a mark and establish themselves as a formidable force in this exciting genre.

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