February 15, 2024

Diablo 4 Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Exciting News for Gamers

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Microsoft has confirmed that Diablo 4 will be the first of several Activision Blizzard games to be offered on Xbox Game Pass. This announcement comes after Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard in October 2023. Initially, there were doubts about when these games would be added to Game Pass, but now we have a clear timeline.

Diablo 4 Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Exciting News for Gamers

Diablo 4 Release Date

During an official Xbox podcast on February 15, Xbox president Sarah Bond revealed that Diablo 4 will be available on Game Pass starting from March 28. This is exciting news for fans who may have missed out on the game's initial release in June 2023.

Future Game Pass Additions

Sarah Bond's statement also hints at the possibility of more Activision Blizzard games being added to Game Pass in the future. While no specific titles were mentioned, it's an exciting prospect for gamers.

Call of Duty on Game Pass

There has been speculation about whether Call of Duty will be available on Game Pass. Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, confirmed that Game Pass will continue to be available only on Xbox platforms and that all first-party games will be playable on day one. With the Activision Blizzard acquisition, Call of Duty is now considered a first-party title, suggesting that it may be available on Game Pass when the next installment is launched in October 2024.


The addition of Diablo 4 to Xbox Game Pass is a significant development for both Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. It opens up new opportunities for gamers to access popular titles and sets the stage for potential future additions. Whether you're a fan of Diablo or eagerly awaiting the next Call of Duty release, Game Pass is shaping up to be an exciting platform for gaming enthusiasts.

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