February 15, 2024

Destiny 2 Update 7.3.5: Ammo Weapon Improvements and More

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Destiny 2's upcoming Update 7.3.5 is set to bring some much-needed improvements to certain heavy ammo weapons that have been struggling to keep up with the competition. In an official blog post, Bungie outlined their plans to enhance rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and Caster-Frame swords.

Destiny 2 Update 7.3.5: Ammo Weapon Improvements and More

Rocket Launchers

Not all rocket launchers are created equal, and two archetypes, Apex Predator and Cold Comfort, have emerged as the top choices due to their higher damage output. To level the playing field, Bungie will be buffing the Precision Frames and High-Impact Frames. Precision Frames will receive two extra rounds and a five percent damage increase, while High-Impact Frames will also see a damage increase, with a focus on explosions for better add-clear. Additionally, the bonus damage from Bait and Switch, a key factor in Apex Predator and Cold Comfort's dominance, will be reduced from 35 percent to 30 percent.

Grenade Launchers

Heavy grenade launchers, despite their mathematical strength, have not been performing as well as expected. To address this, Bungie will be increasing the ammo reserves for these weapons, providing between six and ten shots, along with a damage boost. However, Spike Grenades will be receiving a nerf to reduce its mandatory usage. On the other hand, Heavy Wave-Frame grenade launchers will receive a significant buff, with a 40 percent wider area of effect and a 20 percent increase in damage.

Caster-Frame Swords

Caster-Frame swords, a lesser-used archetype, will also receive some attention in Update 7.3.5. With the cost reduced to four energy and a 16 percent damage increase, these swords will become more viable options. While Caster-Frame swords offer a ranged attack, they have often been overlooked in favor of Vortex Frames or Lament.

The March 5 update will also include various other tweaks and changes, such as updates to the Crucible, weapon buffs and nerfs, and more. Players can expect the full patch notes to be released closer to the end of the month. With these improvements, Destiny 2 players can look forward to a more balanced and exciting gameplay experience.

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