October 20, 2022

Betsafe CS:GO Betting Partners with GODSENT

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Betsafe became Godsent's exclusive betting partner after signing an agreement between the two companies. The bookie has stated that the focus will be on CS: GO even though the company consists of professional esports teams, players, and content producers from ten different esports games, including League of Legends and Dota 2.

Betsafe CS:GO Betting Partners with GODSENT

Esports has been gaining a lot of momentum in the last couple of years. Since all major sporting events were postponed in the spring, esports received greater exposure, which increased their attractiveness to a broader audience. According to Kim Ekelund, head of marketing for Sweden at Betsson Group, the global pandemic has further solidified esports' position.

Betsafe, one of the most daring and active companies, was the esport team’s choice for this sponsorship. The two groups believe that there will be much more progress in the esports industry in the future. Therefore, this sponsorship between ambitious GODSENT and Betsafe is a tangible illustration of their dedication to the future of esports.

Impact of the Partnership on Godsent

The agreement will cover all the planned games for GODSENT with data-rich, pertinent content. The interest of non-endemic commercial partners in esports can be used to gauge its growth, and GODSENT's partnership with BetSafe especially emphasizes CS: GO's progress. 

It's not surprising that the betting company chose a highly regarded CS: GO organization to be its first esports partner because the game has long been a favorite among esports gamblers.

In a press statement, Ludwig Sandgren, CEO of GODSENT, said they were delighted that Betsafe, with its long history of investing in unique content and sponsorships, has inked this long-term commitment with them. Betsafe is the ideal partner for GODSENT because of its tremendous ambition. As the team develops into a tier-one company, it will play a significant role in their CS: GO division and serve as an excellent strategic partner.

Impacts of the Partnership on Betsafe

This is Betsafe's first esports sponsorship agreement, claims the sports betting company. The goal of the partnership is to improve Betsafe's betting offering by focusing on collaboration between the two parties and social media activations. 

Due to its popularity among European esports bettors, it is anticipated that the company will concentrate mainly on the CS: GO scene. Additionally, throughout the partnership, behind-the-scenes footage is anticipated to be produced.

The operator also says that the arrangement strongly emphasizes close cooperation and social media engagement in addition to brand awareness and financial support. The transaction was made possible by collaborating Godsent and data provider GRID Esports. As part of the arrangement, GRID will offer a range of content for Godsent's upcoming contests.

Is Godsent a Popular Esports Team?

With divisions for Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and PUBG, Godsent is a well-known Swedish professional esports company. Pronax embarked on his team's formation after leaving the former Fnatic lineup.

On August 15, 2016, GODSENT took over the majority of the previous lineup, which included Jesper "JW" Wecksell, pronax, Freddy "Krimz" Johansson, and Robin "flusha" Rönnquist. This occurred as a result of player trades in Sweden's CS: GO pro-scene, as Fnatic acquired both Simon "twist" Eliasson and Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson. Math Lekr0 and KRiMZ were later swapped back between Fnatic and GODSENT in another round of trading.

In the ELeague Season 2 qualifiers, GODSENT lost to Alternate aTTaX and was thus disqualified from the league. An offline qualifier berth for the upcoming CS: GO Major, the ELEAGUE Major, Atlanta, was assured after the team defeated Hellraisers in the European Minor Championship final on November 6, 2016.

The team declared on June 21, 2018, that they would halt all operations for the time being. According to GODSENT, the decision to close down the organization was agreed on by all parties involved in its management, and it was the best solution for each stakeholder.

Godsent’s Achievements

After merging with the Swedish esports group The Final Tribe, GODSENT restarted activities in September 2019. In November, it purchased the CS:GO lineup of SMASH Esports later that year.

Many competitions have been won by Godsent, including DreamHack Open September 2021: North America, when they defeated Extra Salt in the championship match. The squad triumphed over Gambit Youngsters in the LOOT.BET/CS Season 7 in 2020 as well. They came fourth at the ICE Challenge 2020 that same year.

TACO, latto, dumau, cky, adr, and dead were purchased by 00 Nation from GODSENT on June 30. In addition, HEN1, who had been signed in March, was discharged. The team's sole CS:GO player at the moment is Bruno "b4rtiN" Câmara. In January 2021, the Brazilian was acquired. The athlete will continue to help the squad succeed because he has excelled in several other competitions. 

B4rtiN has triumphed in a number of competitions, including the DreamHack Open: North America, September 2021 and the ESEA Cash Cup: North America, Summer 2021 #2.

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