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Acquiring and Using Pieces of Eight: A Guide to Success in Skull and Bones

Emily Tremblay
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In the world of Skull and Bones, pieces of eight hold great value as a coveted currency. These valuable coins allow players to acquire black-market items that can greatly enhance their pirate endeavors. As players navigate the treacherous waters of the game, the acquisition of pieces of eight becomes crucial for their success.

Acquiring and Using Pieces of Eight: A Guide to Success in Skull and Bones

How to Acquire Pieces of Eight

To acquire pieces of eight in Skull and Bones, players can complete tasks on the Order Registry located in the Helm of their Smuggler's Hideout. The hideout, situated at Le Mont Muet in Sainte-Anne, becomes accessible after reaching a certain Infamy rank and progressing through Spurlock's story.

Once players have obtained Helm materials, such as Sugar Cane, they can craft these items into Helm Wares. These wares can then be delivered by accepting orders at the Order Registry. However, players should be cautious during deliveries, as they will be vulnerable to attacks from enemy AI rogue ships and unable to fast travel.

In addition to completing Helm missions, players can earn pieces of eight by participating in various endgame activities, such as Hostile Takeovers and Legendary Heists. However, before engaging in these big fights, players must first capture manufactories and control trade routes. As the Skull and Bones seasonal post-launch schedule unfolds, new features like Helm Wagers will provide players with the opportunity to both risk and earn pieces of eight.

What Can Pieces of Eight Be Spent On?

Once players have completed the starter quests for their Helm operation, they can visit Yanita Nara at Le Pont Muet to spend their hard-earned pieces of eight. Yanita Nara offers a wide range of items for purchase, including smuggled resources, ship weapons, ship and player cosmetics, furniture, armor, blueprints, and more. Other vendors throughout the game world also accept pieces of eight as payment.

It's important to note that some items, such as the blueprints for the Sambuk, can be quite expensive, costing 5,000 pieces of eight. Players will need to save up their currency to afford these high-value items.

In conclusion, acquiring and effectively using pieces of eight is essential for success in Skull and Bones. By completing tasks, engaging in endgame activities, and wisely spending their currency, players can become formidable forces in the competitive seas. So set sail, gather your pieces of eight, and embark on thrilling pirate adventures!

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