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As major markets are embracing sports gambling across the globe, esports gambling remains illegal in many areas. Both esports and sports betting are similar in the betting process and odds. However, the main difference between the two is the participation of minors in esports. Betting on esports has traditionally been illegal in most areas, partially due to young gamers flocking to esports gaming in droves.  

Governing bodies hesitate to allow gambling in any sport involving the participation of minors. Bans on esports gambling have given rise to illegal markets, which often contain match fixing and illegal underage gambling. Video games continue to draw young players, leading many municipalities and state governments to draw the line against legalizing wagering on esports outcomes.

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China is undoubtedly the largest esports market in the world. While some people see it as a past-time activity for the youthful population, esports are deeply embedded in China's policy in terms of innovation. In light of this fact, China's General Administration of Sports officially recognized eSports in 2003.

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United States

Esports gaming has already gone mainstream in the United States. The US stands tall among the world’s most popular and lucrative regions in esports matters. This ‘status’ is inspired by various factors, key among them being that most people have embraced competitive gaming and streaming as a career path. Matters esports, including viewership and gambling in the United States, keep soaring to new heights.

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South Korea

Korea has always had an interesting relationship with gambling. When Korea was formed, following the end of the Second World War, all forms of gambling were outlawed. Korean nationals were not allowed to gamble when traveling overseas.

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In just one year, the esports market grew to a massive degree. And by the looks of it, it will continue to grow. In 2017, Japan's esports market was valued at $3 million. A year later, in 2018, the property was valued at $44 million. As it turns out, three Japanese legislative rules have had a significant impact on the country's esports expansion.

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France is a beautiful country, renowned for good wine, classic cuisine, monumental architecture, and rich culture. It is also home to enthusiastic punters. The French Republic has a long history of gambling, with some of the most talked-about gaming arenas in the world. 

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United Kingdom

Esports enthusiasts are using wit and grit to gamble on the winners in high-stakes UK esports betting action. Wagering on esports in the United Kingdom (UK) is not only legal; it's highly popular among sports fans. In fact, some of the gaming industry's biggest brands are hopping on the bandwagon as esports betting in the UK expands in reach and popularity. 

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International eSports gambling

International eSports gambling

However, in New Jersey, the state passed a bill, which restricts esports gambling to international tournaments where players are mostly older than 18 years old. As esports continues to grow, the laws governing betting on players, matches, and championship competitions are complex. Local and national regulations govern a gambler's ability to access legal betting opportunities on land and online.

However, the synergy between gambling an esports is creating demand and bookmakers are targeting esports gamblers hoping to increase revenues across the globe. In fact, some sportsbooks sponsor esports teams to attract younger audiences, which is the very scenario lawmakers seek to avoid.

Nations in eSports?

By 2019, China, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea all hosted international gaming tournaments. New Jersey approved esports betting just in time for the 2019 Worlds Cup League of Legends final match, which included more than 4 million viewers. Internationally, local governing bodies are evaluating how to approach the esports betting market.

Some legislators are firmly against allowing youth access to betting opportunities through esports. Others walk a fine line, hoping to attract tax revenue from adult gamblers and instituting some restrictions to curb youth participation in esports wagering.

Worlds Cup spectators included an international audience. The sheer number of viewers interested in esports is giving rise to esports gambling. In fact, bookmakers are targeting the esports gaming industry's audience. The esports betting market value is projected to surpass $13 billion by 2025.

Most governments are challenging the morality of targeting esports participants, who are historically younger in age, for gambling. However, like the sports market, gambling establishments are aggressively searching for ways to market and attract new bettors. From online advertising to sponsoring competitions, esports businesses continue to attract gamblers and grow the customer base.

International eSports gambling
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

As esports popularity continues to grow, global audiences are seeking ways to participate via gaming or gambling. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions.

Is gambling on esports matches legal?

Until recently, esports betting has been illegal in most major markets. Esports gambling is relatively new. Governments are now starting to regulate esports betting to protect youth gamers who participate in playing video games at esports matches and tournaments. However, some local, state, and national governing bodies across the globe are allowing esports gambling in some forms. Laws vary depending on the bettor's location.

What are eSports age restrictions for gambling?

Historically, it is illegal to bet on tournaments, which are comprised of players under the 18 years old. Even betting is generally restricted to gamblers who are older than 18 or 21, depending on the regulations in a bettor's location. However, laws are evolving.

Some areas allow some leniency in betting on matches with younger participants. Of course, there is an active illegal betting market that does not restrict betting by age. To stay with legal boundaries, a gambler must research the laws governing esports betting in his or her place of residence.

Where can a bettor legally gamble on eSports?

Local laws are evolving rapidly. It's best to check with an area's gambling commission to determine which land-based or online platforms are legally operating. Some municipalities strictly prohibit esports betting. However, there are online sportsbooks, which offer gambling across the globe. However, these digital esports gambling opportunities may not be legal for residents in areas, which prohibit esports gambling.

Frequently asked questions

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