February 13, 2024

Pokémon Go Carnival of Love: Catch Colorful Pokémon and Earn Rewards

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Pokémon Go is known for its themed events, and the Carnival of Love is no exception. This event focuses on colorful Pokémon that dance or have a unique style that fits the vibrant atmosphere. In order to fully participate in the event, players are encouraged to catch a variety of Pokémon and complete the new Collection Challenge.

Pokémon Go Carnival of Love: Catch Colorful Pokémon and Earn Rewards

Collection Challenge

To complete the Carnival of Love Collection Challenge, players must catch six Pokémon and evolve three of them. This challenge is only available during the event, which runs from Feb. 13 to Feb. 15 at 8pm local time. It is important to take advantage of this limited time opportunity to complete the challenge and earn the rewards.

Featured Pokémon

During the Carnival of Love event, players will have the chance to encounter various Pokémon. However, it is important to note that certain Pokémon with regional restrictions, such as Flabébé or Oricorio, are not included in the Collection Challenge.

The following Pokémon are part of the Collection Challenge:

  • Quaxly: Catch a Quaxly
  • Quaxwell: Evolve a Quaxly into a Quaxwell
  • Quaquaval: Evolve a Quaxwell into a Quaquaval
  • Snubbull: Catch a Snubbull
  • Granbull: Evolve a Snubbull into a Granbull
  • Skitty: Catch a Skitty
  • Delcatty: Evolve a Skitty into a Delcatty
  • Stufful: Catch a Stufful
  • Luvdisc: Catch a Luvdisc
  • Furfrou: Catch a Furfrou


Completing the Carnival of Love Collection Challenge comes with its own set of rewards. Players will earn 5,000 XP, 2,500 Stardust, and have the opportunity to encounter a Roserade. These rewards make the challenge even more enticing and worthwhile.

Elite Raids

As part of the Carnival of Love event, Enamorus will appear in Elite Raids during specific times on Feb. 14. This is a unique opportunity to battle and capture this powerful Pokémon. It is important to note that this event is separate from the upcoming Go Tour: Sinnoh, which will mark the end of the Timeless Travels season of content.


The Pokémon Go Carnival of Love event is a colorful and exciting experience for players. By participating in the Collection Challenge and taking advantage of the event bonuses and featured content, players can enhance their gameplay and earn valuable rewards. Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity to celebrate love and catch some amazing Pokémon!

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