February 13, 2024

Celebrate Love and Pokémon at the Carnival of Love in Pokémon Go

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The Carnival of Love has arrived in Pokémon Go, bringing with it a vibrant celebration filled with love and Pokémon. From February 13 to 15 at 8pm local time, players can expect to encounter certain flashy and pink Pokémon more frequently.

Celebrate Love and Pokémon at the Carnival of Love in Pokémon Go

Exciting Pokémon Encounters

During the Carnival of Love event, Pokémon such as Oricorio, Luvdisc, Flabébé, and Quaxly will be appearing more frequently. Trainers may even have the chance to encounter a Shiny Oricorio if they're lucky. Additionally, Furfrou will have access to its Heart Trim, and there will be an increased chance of obtaining Candy XL when walking with your Buddy Pokémon.

New Timed Research and Bonuses

To make the most of the Carnival of Love, trainers should also focus on the various research options available. One notable addition is the paid Timed Research ticket, which costs $1 and is themed around Spinda. This continues Niantic's trend of including paid research in their events.

Collection Challenge and Elite Raid

As part of the event, trainers can participate in a new Collection Challenge, where they can complete specific tasks to earn rewards. There are also special bonuses to enjoy, as well as a new Elite Raid featuring the debut of the Legendary Enamorus in its Incarnate Forme.


The Pokémon Go Carnival of Love is a time to celebrate love and Pokémon. With increased Pokémon encounters, new Timed Research, and exciting bonuses, trainers have plenty of content to enjoy. Make sure to take part in the various research options available and don't miss out on the Collection Challenge and Elite Raid. This event is the final one before the Go Tour: Sinnoh festivities, so make the most of it before it ends. Happy hunting, trainers!

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