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Discover Telok Penjarah: A Pirate Haven in Skull and Bones

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Telok Penjarah is a central location in Skull and Bones that is filled with merchants, missions, and more. It is found in the northeastern corner of the map, well into the West Indies. Though you will reach Telok Penjarah as part of the main story, it is recommended to find this location earlier as it contains tons of useful NPCs.

Discover Telok Penjarah: A Pirate Haven in Skull and Bones

Finding Telok Penjarah

To find Telok Penjarah in Skull and Bones, you need to cross a large expanse. If you are traveling east from the direction of Sainte-Anne, your best course of action is to cut through the Pemburu Islands and Zamrud.

Beware of the Dangers

Before setting off to Telok Penjarah, it is important to note that this is a much higher level zone than the initial Red Isles area. Unless you are level eight or higher, it is recommended to avoid any conflict with nearby ships. Additionally, there is a wide stretch of open ocean between these two locations that is often filled with storms and Rogue Waves, so be on the lookout.

Prepare for the Journey

The journey to Telok Penjarah is dangerous, so be ready for anything. From the random weather to incoming hostile vessels, it is important to have the best equipment when making your way to this location.

Pirate Haven

Telok Penjarah is a pirate haven, similar to Sainte-Anne. It contains a wide array of merchant NPCs, ranging from Blacksmith to Shipwright. Speaking with the Blacksmith in Telok Penjarah is highly recommended, as he not only starts a short quest chain but can also craft much higher level cannons.

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