February 13, 2024

The Rise of Cringeworthy Duo Names in VALORANT

Emily Tremblay
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Whether you and your partner are avid VALORANT players or met in the game itself, you may have considered having matching names. Around Valentine's Day, there is an influx of duo names that are both fun and cringeworthy.

The Rise of Cringeworthy Duo Names in VALORANT

The Rise of Cringeworthy Duo Names

Every year, frustrated VALORANT players take to social media to complain about encountering duos with names like "I miss her" and "I miss him." This naming combination has become a meme within gaming communities. The VALORANT subreddit is filled with posts from players sharing their own love-filled yet cringeworthy duo name discoveries.

Examples of Cringeworthy Duo Names

Here are some of the best (or worst) duo names that have been reported:

  • Her Jett + His Sage
  • Her Mod + His Kitten
  • Her Dog + His Treat
  • Her Predator + His Prey
  • Her Meatballs + His Spaghetti
  • Her Toaster + His Bathtub
  • Her Charger + His Wall Socket
  • His Lilypad + Her Frog
  • Her Vent + His Imposter
  • Queen Of Hell + King of Hell
  • His Loss + Her Profit
  • Heartthrob + Heartbreaker
  • Lady + The Tramp
  • Sugar + Spice
  • Trash + TrashCan
  • Joker + Poker

Controversial Duo Names

While many duo names are lighthearted, some players have used sexually explicit or offensive references. However, these names go against VALORANT's guidelines, which prohibit vulgar language. Some players have also used names referencing sensitive topics such as the 9/11 attack or the Holocaust.

Reactions to Cringeworthy Duo Names

Some players find these names cringe and repetitive, often associating them with younger players trying to be edgy and funny. Others see them as ironic and a way to poke fun at gamer couples or couples who haven't met in person.

The Future of Cringeworthy Duo Names

Despite the mixed reactions, the trend of cringeworthy duo names shows no signs of slowing down. If you have a friend or partner, now might be the time to come up with a clever duo name before your next VALORANT match. Just remember, you can only change your name once every 30 days, so choose wisely!

There you have it! Some of the cringiest VALORANT duo names for you to enjoy!

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