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Qcard Mastercard is an exciting product from New Zealand. It combines a card for interest-free payments at selected retailers in New Zealand with a Mastercard. This has obvious advantages for individuals that enjoy a punt at an eSport betting site. Qcard Mastercards provides the usual accessibility, safety, and convenience of a Mastercard.

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The Qcard deposit method provides easy online access to payment information on the website and app. Customer support is also timely, and customers will be surprised at the versatility of the card. It also provides users with rewards and promotions. However, some crucial limits and fees apply to the card so let's look at the Qcard payment option.

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About Qcard

About Qcard

Qcard was founded in New Zealand and was formerly owned by Fisher & Paykel Finance Ltd. The card began as a way for customers to purchase goods from retailers and then pay them back later.

An interest-free period allowed customers to make a cheaper Qcard payment before further interest changes were made. An Australian company called FlexiGroup took over the company in 2015, and the company continued with the company's business model.

Customers can use the QMastercard product like any other Mastercard. It can be used for making online purchases and deposits at merchants or a Qcard eSport betting site of choice. The card can also be used at selected retailers in New Zealand. Punters can purchase at any shop they want in the country and take advantage of the interest-free period. The card can be used at ATMs and Mastercard retailers abroad.

Users can pay by Direct Debit, Bpay, and automatic payments from the online platform. A cheque can also be used to pay off the account. However, it may take five days to clear.

About Qcard
How to Make a Deposit with Qcard

How to Make a Deposit with Qcard

Depositing at a Qcard eSport betting site requires a few simple steps. First, a Qcard must be obtained to make a deposit. This can be applied through the website or at selected retailers.

Depositing to an eSport website begins by going to a Qcard eSport betting site and navigating to the banking or cashier page. Then, select Mastercard from the deposit options. Betters will be directed to add the deposit amount.

The next step is to answer some security questions like the name on your card and the card number. Individuals can add the expiration date and CVC code on the back of the card.

Specify the amount to deposit to Qcard. Answer other security questions like the name on the credit card, the card number, expiration date, and the CVC code of the card. Be aware that a minimum and deposit limit will also exist. This will depend on each Qcard eSports betting site. Fees also apply.

How to Make a Deposit with Qcard
How to Make a Withdrawal with Qcard

How to Make a Withdrawal with Qcard

A win at an eSports site means it is time to make a withdrawal. Mastercard is used frequently by online casinos, but not all of them. A player navigates to the cashier or banking section of a webpage and chooses Mastercard as a

Qcard payment method. Online casinos usually ask for front and back credit card details like deposits. Withdrawals need to be verified by the online casino, which can take a few days or more.

Contact support for more information about the casino's withdrawal requirements. There are also minimum and maximum limits for withdrawing from an online casino. It is also easy to withdraw on mobiles by going to an online casino and withdrawing from the relevant section. This can be completed on the desktop version of the website or by using an app and going to the Withdrawal Page.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Qcard
Pros and Cons with Qcard

Pros and Cons with Qcard


  • Get a Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals at eSports betting sites
  • Receive products upfront for no fee and make interest free payments for three months at selected retailers
  • Safe and secure way to make deposits eSports websites
  • Make purchases at retailers all over the world and make withdraws at overseas ATMs


  • High interest rates
  • Some purchases end up being more expensive than the original price once interest is added
  • Retailers offer three-month interest-free deals on products like groceries which promotes poor spending
  • Exhaustive fees
Pros and Cons with Qcard
Qcard Customer Support Options

Qcard Customer Support Options

Qcard has a safe and encrypted platform for making a Qcard payment. It also has plenty of customer support. Customer service is adequate, and customer support is available in New Zealand and abroad. The customer service is more than enough to ensure that inquiries can be taken seriously. Here are some more details;

  • Merchant Phone: 0800 22 22 55
  • Customer Phone: 0800 119 100
  • Customer Overseas: +64 9 580 7399

Writing is also another method for sending correspondence.

Columbus Financial Services Ltd – Dispute Resolution Team Private Bag 94013 Auckland 2241

Qcard Customer Support Options

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